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Dr. Sam Amirshahi | Veterinarian

Dr. Sam Amirshahi brings a passion for preventative care and a deep respect for the human-animal bond to Bliss Animal Hospital.

As a founding doctor of Bliss Animal Hospital, Dr. Sam’s interests lie in preventive care, endocrinology, and internal medicine. As a certified fear-free practitioner, Dr. Sam strongly advocates for the implementation of fear-free methods to guarantee a comfortable and stress-free experience for every pet under his care at the hospital.

Dr. Sam holds both a BS and an MS in Biology from California State University Northridge. He then received his DVM in 2015 from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. During his academic journey, he received numerous scholastic awards at both UC Davis and CSU Northridge.

He believes that the foundation of lifelong pet health lies in proactive measures and close collaboration with owners. From puppyhood to senior years, Dr. Sam guides owners through every stage, ensuring pets receive the best possible care. This philosophy, coupled with his dedication to canine and feline well-being, makes Dr. Sam a trusted partner in your pet’s journey.

Fun fact: Dr. Sam is a devoted Pug enthusiast, captivated by their playful energy and charming antics. At Bliss Animal Hospital, your Pug is in the hands of a vet who adores every aspect of this lovable breed.

If you’re seeking a veterinarian who prioritizes partnership, prevention, and personalized care for your dog or cat, Dr. Sam and the team at Bliss Animal Hospital are here to welcome you with open arms.